Speaking Inquiries

Technical Talks

  • Systems Engineering 
  • Thermal-fluids Systems
  • Thermals in consumer electronics
  • Phase Change Materials and Modeling
  • Numerical Methods in thermal transport
  • Nanoscale Thermal Transport with focus on semiconductors
  • Innovation & Technology Development in Industry

Professional Development

  • Managing up: Navigating people management for early career engineers
  • Mentors and Coaches: How to find mentors including in work from home environments and why it is important for your career
  • How to have difficult conversations at workplace
  • Microinequities: What can we do?  How it is impacting the work culture and productivity
  • Conflict Management at workplace

Career Coaching

  • General: Dare To Be You: Learn your passions and goals. Come up with a plan on how to reach your goals while being true to yourself.
  • College Students: Ph.D. /Graduate school, is research the right path for you?
  • High school: K-12 What to consider for college when you are in high school?



Following can contact me for Community Coaching, For collaboration on Philanthropic Projects/Ideas, To work on Next Big Idea or Consultant.


Early Career Enginners

Women in Tech

ASME FutureME Mini Talks

ASME FutureME minitalks are organized by ASME targetted for helping Early Career Engineers to Succeed in their Career.