Dr. Mishra’s expertise is in system level modeling of engineering ecosystems and driving technology innovation in corporate environment with a focus on thermal-fluid systems. During 15 years of industry and research experience, Dr. Mishra has developed a deep knowledge of thermal fluids systems, consumer electronics and spacecraft engineering. Columbia presently works in space and thermal environments designing spacecrafts, specifically NASA’s Artemis Mission to the Moon, which will land the first woman and next man on the Moon and establish a permanent human presence in Lunar orbit.

Prior to the space industry, Dr. Mishra worked as a Senior Thermal Engineer and in computational photolithography at Intel Corporation.  At Intel she focused on semiconductor thermals and consumer electronic system modeling with an emphasis on high volume manufacturing. Dr. Mishra’s research interests are in thermal-fluids systems with focus on radiative transport, thermal-power management, energy storage, phase change materials. Dr. Mishra’s doctorate in Mechanical Engineering focused in thermal-fluids systems specializing in nanoscale thermal transport.  

Throughout her career she has worked in varied capacities in diverse technology sectors, including for Apple Inc. in California, Stress Engineering Services in Texas, Makino Asia in Singapore, and Tata Motors in India. Dr. Mishra’s research has been published in journals such as Nature Materials, Journal of Fluid Mechanics and has been cited over a thousand times. She holds 5 patents pending, 1 granted for her work in thermal architecture and innovation in electronic systems.




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Number of Citations – 1418

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